Who are we and what do we do? 

We are a null sec Industrial/PVE/PVP focused corporation with high sec roots.

We do not aim to be the best, nor claim to be. we aim to be us – to enjoy eve and to make the best out of the situations we find ourselves in. our goals are to laugh, have fun and grow personally and as a community all the while making thick stacks of isk.

Total Kills
Total Isk Destoyed (Billions)

Our Origin

New Eden Syndicate (NES)

Our humble beginnings started in High-sec (HS) with the creation of Dark Side Industrials, an attempt at creating PvP content in HS that led to the Co-op creation of a HS moon empire known as the “New Eden Syndicate”. With over 100 structures at one point and close to 600 members, this put us in the top 100 alliances in game and top 10 in HS industry. 

With the changes to Moon mining, Corona virus on the rise, and the lack of any risk and reward present in HS, New Eden Syndicate became quiet and slipped out of the limelight into the silent abyss. Industry and mining members are still active and training new Eve players to live and make ISK.  However, the majority of our active members have moved on to our new venture…. we have “gone Krabbing”…. 

The promise of Isk and content in Malpais

After our adventure in highsec we took our most loyal and talented members and formed “Gone Krabbing” Corporation. We dipped our toes into null and formed a beach head of sorts by renting some space in Malpais from Brothers of Tangra (BOT), We lived in a System called RIU. Several of our members and leadership originated from nullsec so this was not much of a culture shock, but to some it was and we lost a few people along the way. 

Things become stale without conflict or purpose and we decided to find some by joining a growing Alliance called “Reckless Contingency” (RECON) Recon had something to prove to Panfam and friends during The great goon war of 2020, and while we were supportive and a top contributor we felt that this was not a healthy place to grow a corporation and decided to look for greener pastures. 

Settling down in our forever home 

After our prior experimentation in nullsec we knew exactly what we wanted from our future home and we seeked out alliances nearby to malpais and we settled on SLYCE Alliance. The oldest industry based alliance in eve at the time of writing this. It provided unfettered ability to grow and focus on things that we wanted to. It provides a free market approach to null living with the foundation many other alliances share. We quickly doubled in size and maintain to be top 3 in size and top 5 in participation. 


These are our founding members and current corp leadership

Tanya Talon



Co-CEO Logistics/Diplo

Wade Madullier


RRslice Vanderslice

Mining Director


These are our recruiters, you can find them in our in game Pub: GKNES PUB

Jadelyn Vega

Junior Recruiter

Wade Madulier



Our prior directors and founding members. 

Liam Theowulf