Getting Started with Gone Krabbing

Follow these short instructions to get started with our corporation

Join our public recruitment discord

At this moment we do mandatory discord interviews with all new applicants; you can contact us in game or go straight to our discord. 

Login to our ESI/API Site 

If you are waiting for a interview please login to our ESI/API program for security purposes. Make sure to add all your alts. This is mandatory and you must have this as long as you are in corp.  

Apply to Gone Krabbing

So you passed the background check, and you have had your interview ? Once approved you can apply directly to “Gone Krabbing” in game. 

Onboarding Process

After joining “Gone Krabbing” you will have to register for the variety of Mumble servers, discord servers and forums our coalition offer. Please note that it may take several hours for the services to register that you have joined corp due to ESI/API updates. 

Corp Focus


A large portion of what we do is PVP, whether at home or abroad


Our members run Anoms, Escalations, and other PVE activities daily


We have the facilities to produce anything from T2 to Supers and our members utilize these!


We have a strong focus in the transportation of capsuleer goods in Northern space.

A few things we require

While we are one of the more laid back null corps in eve, we still have requirements. If you have more questions they can be answered during the interview or at first contact with a recruiter.


Eve is a social game and we are a social community. we fully expect our members to have the ability to communicate on mumble/discord for both social and practical reasons. 

Must be 17+ 

We are a mature adult community and frequently share adult media and ideas.

Ability to fly our doctrines

We fly a large variety of ships and we expect you to be able to fly one of them, Muninn, Ferox and Jackdaw are one of our more prominent choices. 

Omega Clone status & 10M SP

We will mentor and help you grow but if you do not meet these requirements you can inquire about joining our highsec alliance and learn the ropes in a safer environment prior to moving out to Nullsec. 

What we offer as a corp/alliance

Nullsec corps & alliances have very similar benefits, mainly its the small things that stand out to players.

Free ships

Corp leadership commonly hand out new ratting Praxis and misc combat ships when needed. 

ship replacment (SRP)

It may be something most members take for granted but we do offer SRP on doctrine ship hulls on CTA’s and certain OP’s ( we will cover what insurance does not cover) 

Most affordable logistics in panfam

We offer some of the best rates on logistical costs in all of PanFam and arguably Nullsec. We commonly do free JF runs for new corp members as well. 

EXPERIENCED leadership

We have done this for a very long time, if you have any questions regarding the game then odds are good that we can answer them far more in detail then you’d like. there is no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid actions.